A complete food for smaller, less-active pets. Suitable for all breeds. Our Duck Dinner for Dogs recipe is available in 200g trays.

Contains 75% meat and bone, 25% vegetables and superfoods


British Duck with Bone, Fresh Pumpkin, Fresh Broccoli, Fresh Green Curly Kale, Organic Coconut Oil, Raw Sea Kelp Powder (Laminaria japonica)

Why do we use these ingredients? Click here for more information.

Duck is a biologically appropriate, natural and great-tasting protein source for dogs of all ages, sizes and breed. Making up 75% of our recipe, duck is nutritionally loaded with B-vitamins like niacin and B6, immune system boosters like zinc and selenium and Omega 3 fatty acids which will promote a healthy coat and skin for your dog. Raw duck meat and bone provides high-quality protein making it an ideal food to promote overall canine health. The ground bone in this recipe also contributes to your pet’s calcium intake in a digestion-friendly way.

Duck is considered a ‘novel’ protein for dogs. This makes it a great protein choice for dogs who suffer from sensitive stomachs, common allergies and intolerances.

Supplementary vegetables and superfoods

Nutriment’s Duck Dinner for Dogs recipe contains biologically appropriate vegetables and nutritious superfoods which contain essential nutrition to boost the nutritional profile of our raw meals. Pumpkin, broccoli, curly kale, coconut oil and raw sea kelp powder contain dietary fibre, healthy fats, vitamins, minerals and natural salts to support canine health in a variety of ways.

Duck Dinner


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