Why Choose Thistle K9 Foods?


All our foods contain freshly prepared meats, collected by our producers directly from source, from approved suppliers. Our producers collect the meat from trusted farming partners in their own refrigerated lorries to keep it fresh. Once the meat reaches the processing plant, all meats are rigorously tested for quality before being accepted into the production chain. ‚Äč


Then, using a unique process called Freshtrusion, our meats are cooked gently (~82oC)  which helps to protect the proteins within the meat before being extruded into kibbles which provide maximum digestibility and nutritional value to the pet.  (Not all products will have the fat applied by vacuum coating; also, there is nothing wrong with having oil sprayed on the outside of the kibble - the important point is the quality of the oil that is achieved by the Freshtrusion process).


During the Freshtrusion process, oil can be extracted from the meat by centrifugation rather than high temperature rendering, allowing us to coat the kibbles with high quality oil that helps enhance the aroma and palatability of the kibble to the dog.

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